26TH OF THE 11TH MONTH 2015/2016

Shabbat Shalom all,

Berěshith/Genesis 15:1After these events the word of יהוה came to Aḇram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Aḇram. I am your shield, your reward is exceedingly great.

Aḇram had passed a great test and proved that by the events that had just taken place he showed where his heart was, as he clearly followed יהוה and forsook the ways of the world, and now the Word of יהוה came to him and encouraged him greatly! He, along with his 318 trained servants, had just rescued his nephew Lot and defeated Keḏorlaʽomer and the sovereigns who were with him and then the sovereign of Seḏom came out to meet him. It was here he also met with Malkitseḏeq – sovereign of Shalĕm and priest of the Most High Ěl, who had brought our bread and wine and blessed him.

You can read about all that in Berěshith/Genesis 14. The reason I am quoting this verse from Berěshith/Genesis 15:1 is because it is in this verse that we find something very significant taking place. This is the first time in Scripture that we see the term or title of ‘the Word of יהוה’ being used and it carries great insight for us as we dig a little deeper into this construct title that is uniquely used for יהוה. It is with that in mind that I want to take you through a few passages of Scripture to highlight the clear revelation that Scripture gives us in making it abundantly clear who the Word of יהוה is, and therefore this can be a teaching or article that be used alongside the other 4 articles that I have written, namely:




יהוה IS ONE! Yahushua is יהוה our Saviour!

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While we may all have a clear understanding that THE WORD OF יהוה is יהוה, and therefore recognise how this clearly reveals who Messiah is, for He is THE WORD, I thought it best to present to you some key passages that help us unlock the revelation of this vital truth, and therefore equip you with greater boldness in proclaiming the Good News – THE WORD OF יהוה, as we know that this is exactly what Sha’ul and Barnaḇa did:

Ma’asei/Acts 15:35 “And Sha’ul and Barnaḇa continued in Antioch, teaching and bringing, with many others also, the Good News: the Word of יהוה!

Therefore in a message called, “THE WORD OF יהוה” let me further equip you in the revelation of our great Master, Saviour and Elohim.

What becomes abundantly clear in Scripture is that the term/title of THE WORD OF יהוה is a compound Name that is used for Elohim, and is first used here in the text we opened with (Berěshith/Genesis 15:1), when THE WORD OF יהוה came to Aḇram. I want to break down this verse a little so that we get a better understanding of what is actually happening here!

The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘came’ is הָיָה hayah – Strong’s H1961 which means, to be, to happen, to become, to be in existence, to arise, to appear. What is clear here is that THE WORD OF יהוהhappened’ to Aḇram,  or rather ‘appeared’ to him; and THE WORD OF יהוה came to him in a ‘vision’, which is the Hebrew word מַחֲזֶה maḥazeh – Strong’s H4236 which is only used 4 times in Scripture and simply means, vision. A ‘vision’, according to the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, can be described as ‘something seen in a dream or trance; a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation and is also understood as, a direct awareness of the supernatural which is usually in the visible form, or as, something seen, as well as, the act or power of imagination or seeing and conceiving.

 The reason I am mentioning this is to make something very clear here; and that is that Aḇram saw THE WORD OF יהוה. In a vision you ‘see’ things and the text is very clear about this fact that THE WORD OF יהוה made Himself visible for Aḇram to see, even though it was in a ‘vision’ – Aḇram still saw THE WORD OF יהוה.

This word מַחֲזֶה maḥazeh – Strong’s H4236 comes from the primitive root verb חָזָה ḥazah – Strong’s H2372 which means, to see, behold, have a vision, prophesy, perceive, to see by experience’. It is from this root verb that we get the Hebrew word חָזוֹן azon – Strong’s H2377 which means, revelation, vision, and is the word used for the Book of the Revelation of Messiah – a clear book of prophesy that reveals to us very clearly who our Saviour, Master and Elohim is!

THE WORD OF יהוה then speaks to Aḇram and engages in a discussion with Aḇram. When Aḇram speaks back he says ‘Master יהוה’, showing us that Aḇram knew exactly who he was speaking to and he believed in יהוה and it was reckoned to him for righteousness. What Mosheh is writing for us here is very clear – that Aḇram had a unique experience where he saw the physical presence or manifestation of יהוה, who is referred to here as THE WORD OF יהוה.  

THE WORD OF יהוה speaks to Aḇram and says Do not be afraid, Aḇram. I am your shield, your reward is exceedingly great.

These words can certainly remind us of the words of Messiah in:

Ḥazon/Revelation 22:12And see, I am coming speedily, and My reward is with Me, to give to each according to his work.

The Greek word that is used here for ‘reward’ is μισθός misthos – Strong’s G3408 which means, wages, hire, pay, reward, and is the word that is used in the LXX (Septuagint) for the ‘reward’ that THE WORD OF יהוה told Aḇram was exceedingly great! The Hebrew word for ‘reward’ is שָׂכָר saḵar – Strong’s H7939 which means, hire, wages, compensation, fare, reward and comes from the primitive root word that means to hire, to earn wages.

יהוה was basically saying to Aḇram, as well as to all of us today, “I AM what you are fighting for – I AM your great reward – I Am what you will receive if you overcome all that tries to oppress you along the journey – I AM your inheritance!

In Ḥazon/Revelation we take note that Messiah is speaking to Yoḥanan and He says the following in:

Ḥazon/Revelation 21:7 “The one who overcomes shall inherit all this, and I shall be his Elohim and he shall be My son.

While I do not have time to go more in depth into this verse, I encourage you to go through this passage and then check it against the rest of Ḥazon, as it will become abundantly clear that it is יהושע Messiah who is speaking these words. Words that are spoken in the vision, after the former heaven and earth passed away and a renewed heaven and earth was seen. This text ties in perfectly with the prophesy contained in:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 9:6 “For a Child shall be born unto us, a Son shall be given unto us, and the rule is on His shoulder. And His Name is called Wonder, Counsellor, Strong Ěl, Father of Continuity, Prince of Peace.

With the former heavens and earth passed away the role of the Son is complete and so He shall be called ‘Father of continuity’ or ‘Everlasting Father’.

Qorintiyim Bět/2 Corinthians 6:17-18Therefore, “Come out from among them and be separate, says יהוה, and do not touch what is unclean, and I shall receive you. 18 “And I shall be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me, says יהוה the Almighty.

The point that I am highlighting here is that our reward is with our Master and Elohim, יהושע Messiah, who is THE WORD OF יהוה who spoke to Aḇram and told him how great his reward is!

Before we get to THE WORD OF יהוה becoming flesh, I first want us to take a look at a few more examples in Scripture where we continue to see THE WORD OF יהוה coming to His servants the prophets!

The next example I want us to look at is in the account of Shemu’ĕl when he was a little boy that was staying with Ĕli the priest. Turn with me to Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3 as we will glance through this text and pick up on some key points contained herein with the clear reference to THE WORD OF יהוה being used as a clear compound title for יהוה.

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:1 And the young Shemu’ĕl was serving יהוה before Ĕli. And the word of יהוה was rare in those days – no vision breaking forth.

What you will notice here is that we are told that THE WORD OF יהוה was ‘rare’ in those days! What we must understand here is that this is not a reference to the physical scrolls that were read on the Sabbath and Feasts, but rather a clear reference to the fact that THE WORD OF יהוה was not being made visible to anyone in those days, due to the depravity of the corrupted temple service that the sons of Ĕli had done and that everyone did what was right in their own eyes!

The Hebrew word for ‘rare’ is יָקָר yaqar – Strong’s H3368 which means, precious, rare, splendid, noble, excellent, honourable, and in its primitive root form means, to be precious, prized, appraised, costly. In Mishlĕ/Proverbs 3:15 we are told that ‘wisdom’ is more precious that rubies! At this point in time we take note that the wisdom of יהוה was certainly being scoffed at through foolish mixing of corrupt practices and as a result THE WORD OF יהוה was ‘rare’ – this is to say that יהוה was not making Himself visibly known to anyone in those days! Why do I say that? Well, the text is pretty clear, as it tells us that there was no vision breaking forth! No vision breaking forth! The Hebrew word used here for ‘vision’ is חָזוֹן azon – Strong’s H2377 which means, revelation, vision and the Hebrew word that is translated as ‘breaking forth’ is פָּרַץ parats – Strong’s H2377 which means, breaking through’. There was no revelation or vision of THE WORD OF יהוה coming through! Yet here it was about to change!

Here in this chapter we see a powerful procession of events taking place, from there being no visions of THE WORD OF יהוה to THE WORD OF יהוה appearing again! In this interaction between יהוה and Shemu’ĕl we see the following:

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:4 And יהוה called Shemu’ĕl, and he answered, “Here I am!

Please take note that it is יהוה who called out to Shemu’ĕl. Shemu’ĕl heard the voice and responded, but thought that it was Ĕli who had called him and he got up and ran to Ĕli, who told him that he did not call and sent him back to lie down again!

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:6 And יהוה again called, “Shemu’ĕl!” And Shemu’ĕl arose and went to Ěli, and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” But he answered, “My son, I did not call – lie down again.”

Please take note of the next verse:

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:7 Now Shemu’ĕl did not yet know יהוה, and the word of יהוה was not yet revealed to him.

Do you see what is being said here? Shemu’ĕl did not yet know יהוה and so the voice that he heard he thought that it must have been Eli that was calling him. This verse then tells us why he did not yet know יהוה – because THE WORD OF יהוה was not yet ‘revealed’ to him. He was growing up with Ĕli and at the end of chapter 1 we are clearly told that he worshipped before יהוה, which confirms to us that it was not the written words of the scrolls and text of the Torah that he did not know but that he had not yet seen THE WORD OF יהוה.

The Hebrew word used here for ‘revealed’ is גָּלָה galah – Strong’s H1540 and means, to uncover, remove, to be uncovered, to reveal oneself.

We know that the esteem of יהוה will be revealed to all flesh:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 40:5 “And the esteem of יהוה shall be revealed, and all flesh together shall see it. For the mouth of יהוה has spoken.

Back to the story of Shemu’ĕl:

יהוה called Shemu’ĕl for the third time, and after having gone again to Ĕli, he was told that if he hears the call again that he should say, Speak, יהוה, for Your servant hears.

Then something interesting happens:

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:10 And יהוה came and stood and called as at other times, “Shemu’ĕl! Shemu’ĕl!” And Shemu’ĕl answered, “Speak, for Your servant hears.

After having called 3 times already, יהוה now came and ‘stood’ and called as at the other times! The Hebrew word used here for ‘stood’ is the primitive root verb יָצַב yatsa – Strong’s H3320 which means, to set, station oneself, take one’s stand, present yourself, and what is made clear here is that יהוה had now positioned Himself to be seen by Shemu’ĕl!

Now standing before Shemuʼěl, יהוה called as at the other times! Why I am highlighting this is to show that this visible presence of יהוה was being revealed to this boy as THE WORD OF יהוה! Shemu’ĕl grew up and was established as a prophet of יהוה and everyone knew it, and then we see in:

Shemu’ĕl Aleph/1 Samuel 3:21 And יהוה continued to appear in Shiloh, because יהוה revealed Himself to Shemu’ĕl in Shiloh by the word of יהוה.

The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘appear’ comes from the root word רָאָה ra’ah – Strong’s H7200 – meaning, to see, look, observe, pay close attention, consider, appear, provide. This verb is written in the ‘niphal passive’ tense and therefore is understood as rendering, to appear, present oneself, to be seen, to be visible. What is very important for us to understand here is that יהוה literally ‘made himself visible’ in Shiloh, because He had ‘revealed’ Himself to Shemu’ĕl!

How did He reveal Himself? By THE WORD OF יהוה!

THE WORD OF יהוה is a term that is frequently used to represent the physical appearance or manifestation of יהוה to His servants the prophets!

There are a number of passages that you can find where THE WORD OF יהוה comes to His prophets:

THE WORD OF יהוה also came to Yirmeyahu and why I am mentioning this is to highlight something significant that happened with Yirmeyahu, as seen in Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah Chapter 1.

In this opening chapter of the book of Yirmeyahu we see this young man engaging in a dialogue with יהוה. We are told in:

Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 1:4 “Now the word of יהוה came to me, saying

He is told by יהוה that he had been appointed by יהוה and that he was to be a prophet to the nations. Yirmeyahu expressed his inadequacies and claimed to be too young. He was told by יהוה to not say that he was too young and was told to go and speak whatever יהוה commands him to and that he was not to be afraid of the people’s faces! Then something very interesting happens here:

Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 1:9 “Then יהוה put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and יהוה said to me, “See, I have put My words in your mouth.

יהוה put forth His hand and touched the mouth of Yirmeyahu! Please note that there was not a manifestation of a floating hand that suddenly appeared! THE WORD OF יהוה was speaking to this young man who was being appointed as a prophet!

This is another great text that supports the text of Sha’ul in Eph’siyim/Ephesians 4 which tells us that יהושע Messiah has appointed some to be prophets etc. THE WORD OF יהוה physically touched the mouth of Yirmeyahu with His hand!

Another great prophet to whom THE WORD OF יהוה came is Ěliyahu:

Melaḵim Aleph/1 Kings 18:1 And after many days it came to be that the word of יהוה came to Ěliyahu, in the third year, saying, “Go, present yourself to Aḥaḇ, and I give rain on the earth.

After confronting Aḥaḇ and challenging the Ba’al prophets we see that Ěliyahu built a slaughter-place to יהוה, where we take note of the following wording:

Melaḵim Aleph/1 Kings 18:30-31 Then Ěliyahu said to all the people, “Come closer to me.” And all the people came closer to him. And he repaired the altar of יהוה that was broken down. 31 And Ěliyahu took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Yaʽaqoḇ, to whom the word of יהוה had come, saying, “Yisra’ĕl is your name.

In verse 31 we are clearly given a reference to Ya’aqoḇ who strove with Elohim and had his name changed:

Berěshith/Genesis 32:28And He said, “Your name is no longer called Yaʽaqoḇ, but Yisra’ĕl, because you have striven with Elohim and with men, and have overcome.

The reference given in the account of Ěliyahu states that THE WORD OF יהוה came to Ya’aqoḇ, giving us clear proof that THE WORD OF יהוה is Elohim, for Ya’aqoḇ had seen Elohim face to face and did not die!

What is very clear in the Hebraic text is that THE WORD OF יהוה is a clear reference to יהוה and His supreme power to create and the term or title of THE WORD OF יהוה represented the personification of יהוה Himself.

It was clearly understood by the Hebrews of the Tanak that THE WORD OF יהוה was and is the Messiah. For more on this please see the article called “יהוה OUR SAVIOUR!!!יהוה OUR MESSIAH!!!”, which is one of the 4 that I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

When Yoḥanan wrote his letter he knew exactly what he was proclaiming as the Good News, and in his introduction it was clear that he was referring to יהושע Messiah as being the Messiah and THE WORD OF יהוה.

Yoḥanan/John 1:1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim.

Yoḥanan/John 1:14And the Word became flesh and pitched His tent among us, and we saw His esteem, esteem as of an only brought-forth of a father, complete in favour and truth.

For more on this text please see the other articles I mentioned earlier.


A clear text that we see in the revelation of Messiah is that He is called THE WORD OF יהוה:

Ḥazon/Revelation 19:11-13 And I saw the heaven opened, and there was a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Trustworthy and True, and in righteousness He judges and fights. 12 And His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns, having a Name that had been written, which no one had perceived except Himself 13 and having been dressed in a robe dipped in blood – and His Name is called: The Word of יהוה.

The Word of יהוה is Master of Masters!!! Just take a look at what is said a couple of verses later:

Ḥazon/Revelation 19:16And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written: SOVEREIGN OF SOVEREIGNS AND MASTER OF MASTERS.

יהוה is Master of Masters!

Deḇarim/Deuteronomy 10:17For יהוה your Elohim is Elohim of mighty ones and Master of masters, the great Ěl, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality nor takes a bribe.

The Lamb is Master of Masters!

Ḥazon/Revelation 17:14They shall fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is Master of masters and Sovereign of sovereigns. And those with Him are called, and chosen, and trustworthy.


There is only ONE Master of Masters and the point that I am trying to make here in this brief article is that יהושע Messiah is THE WORD OF יהוה, which most people would not argue with, yet what we can clearly see from that which we have looked at is that יהוה is THE WORD OF יהוה, and while we take note that THE WORD OF יהוה came and appeared to some of His faithful servants and prophets, He came in the form of human flesh to be made visible to all! There is only ONE WORD OF יהוה and He remains forever!

Kěpha Aleph/1 Peter 1:25but the Word of Elohim remains forever.” And this is the Word, announced as Good News to you.

Tehillah/Psalm 102:12 “But You, O יהוה, shall be enthroned forever, and the remembrance of You be to all generations.

Tehillah/Psalm 102:26 “They shall perish, but You remain; and all of them grow old like a garment; You change them like a coat, and they are changed.

What becomes clear to us is that THE WORD OF יהוה was made visible to many before He came and took on the form of human flesh, for then He was revealed to all at that time. Our Master made it clear after T’oma’s confession that יהושע Messiah is Master and Elohim that while he had believed because he had seen the Master alive, blessed are those who have not seen and have believed! In Ḥazon/Revelation 21:7 we are told that ‘blessed is he who guards the words of the prophecy of this book’. This book of Ḥazon is the clear revelation/vision of who our Master and Saviour is, a vision and revelation of who THE WORD OF יהוה is and that He is יהוה our Elohim.

This same Master and Elohim that T’oma saw is THE WORD OF יהוה who came to Aḇram, Shemu’ĕl, Yirmeyahu and many others who I have not mentioned in this article!

And this is THE GOOD NEWS!

I have shown you that THE WORD OF יהוה was physically made visible to many and Ma’asei tells us what the Good News is:

Ma’asei/Acts 5:42 “And daily in the Set-apart Place, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and bringing the Good News: יהושע the Messiah!

Ma’asei/Acts 8:4 “Then those who had been scattered went everywhere bringing the Good News: the Word!

Ma’asei/Acts 8:35 “And Philip opening his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, brought to him the Good News: יהושע!

Ma’asei/Acts 11:20 “But some of them were men from Cyprus and Cyrene, who, when they had come to Antioch, spoke to the Hellenists, bringing the Good News: the Master יהושע!

Ma’asei/Acts 15:35 “And Sha’ul and Barnaḇa continued in Antioch, teaching and bringing, with many others also, the Good News: the Word of יהוה!


The Good News is that THE WORD OF יהוה has been revealed! The question is – do you see, or has the veil of false traditions of man that deny the deity of Messiah covered your eyes?

Qorintiyim Bět/2 Corinthians 3:16And when one turns to the Master, the veil is taken away.


This is THE GOOD NEWS: THE WORD OF יהוה – and by that I mean that the Good News is that יהוה has made Himself visible to all by coming in the form of human flesh! He has revealed Himself, and this is what the early apostle’s bear witness of!

Yoḥanan Aleph/1 John 1:1-2 What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life: 2 And the life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and announce to you that everlasting life which was with the Father and was manifested to us.


Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:1 “Who has believed our report? And to whom was the arm of יהוה revealed?

The Hebrew word for ‘revealed’ is גָּלָה galah – Strong’s H1540 as already discussed!

Romiyim/Romans 10:13-17 “For “everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be saved.” 14 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without one proclaiming? 15 And how shall they proclaim if they are not sent? As it has been written, “How pleasant are the feet of those who bring the Good News of peace, who bring the Good News of the good!” 16 However, not all obeyed the Good News. For Yeshayahu says, “יהוה, who has believed our report?” 17 So then belief comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Elohim.

The Good News of peace – the Good news of the good is the clear report that THE WORD OF יהוה has been revealed!

As I have already said, most today would not argue the fact that יהושע Messiah is THE WORD OF יהוה, yet some will quickly reject that clear revelation that THE WORD OF יהוה is the physical revelation and appearance of יהוה in human flesh! This is clearly the Good News that is to be proclaimed and Sha’ul warns against another good news being brought:

Galatiyim/Galatians 1:6-9 “I marvel that you are so readily turning away from Him who called you in the favour of Messiah, to a different ‘Good News,’ 7 which is not another, only there are some who are troubling you and wishing to pervert the Good News of Messiah. 8 However, even if we, or a messenger out of heaven, bring a ‘Good News’ to you beside what we announced to you, let him be accursed. 9 As we have said before, and now I say again, if anyone brings a ‘Good News’ to you beside what you have received, let him be accursed.

Hear what Sha’ul is saying here: if anyone brings a different Good News let him be accursed! Anyone who does not confess and acknowledge the revelation of יהושע Messiah – The Good NewsTHE WORD OF יהוה – let him be accursed! There are many today who may declare that יהושע Messiah is THE WORD OF יהוה yet they somehow fail to recognise that by saying this they are declaring that He is יהוה is His revealed form to man!


דְבַר־יהוה  – Deḇar יהוהTHE WORD of יהוה

In closing I simply want us to take a look at this compound title/name that is used for our Master and Elohim in the ancient pictographic script:

The Hebrew word for ‘Word’ is דָּבָר daḇar – Strong’s H1697 meaning, speech, word, commandment, chronicles, message; which looks like this is the ancient pictographic script:


Dalet – דְּ:

The ancient script has this letter as dalet and is pictured as a ‘tent door’. It can also have the meaning of a back and forth movement, as one goes back and forth through a tent door; and so speaks of an access point. It can also carry the meaning of ‘dangle’ or hanging, as the tent door would hang from the roof pole of the tent. It speaks a great deal of understanding the door of the tent of appointment as the only means of access, showing us the importance of the Appointed Times/Feasts of יהוה. Therefore our need to gather as we are commanded to, is the starting point for us to embrace, learn and understand what His Word teaches and instructs us to do.


Beyt בָ:

The ancient script has this letter as beit, which pictures a tent floor plan and means, ‘house’ or ‘tent’. It represents family and the importance of those who are inside the tent as opposed to the tent structure itself. We also recognise that the House/Dwelling Place of Elohim is the body of Elohim that is built up as living stones in our Master, יהושע Messiah. A house/tent speaks of your family and to whom you belong and under whom you submit and adhere to, as the House of Elohim has clear instructions for those in the House! The Light (that is His Word) is for those in the House!



The ancient script has this letter as resh and is pictured as ‘the head of a man’ and has the meaning of the head of a man as well as ‘chief, top, begging or first’; top, as in the top or head of a body, and chief, as in a head of a tribe or people; as well as the one who rules the people. Every House has a head of the home, and all in the House submit to the instructions of the One who is head of the home, listening to and obeying the words that the Head speaks!


What these pictographic symbols or letters clearly show us here in reference to these collectively expressing ‘The Word’ is that THE WORD IS: THE DOOR TO THE HOUSE OF THE HEAD! יהושע Messiah is The Door and He is the Head and we are His dwelling Place, and our only means of access is through our Master and Elohim, who is the Door that has been revealed to us in the flesh in order that we can be grafted in and enter into the Covenants of promise that we were once far off from and without Elohim in the world!


The Name of יהוה – Strong’s H3068 is pictured in the ancient script as follows:


Yod – י

In the Ancient Script this is the letter ‘yad or yod’ which is pictured as – yad  – which is the picture of an arm and hand and carries the meaning of ‘work, make, throw’ from the primary functions of the arm and hand and also represents worship or giving thanks in the extending of hands as a gesture of this. This also reveals to us a stretched out arm and hand.

Hey ה

The ancient script has this letter as hey and is pictured as a man standing with his arms raised up and out as if pointing to something, and in essence carries the meaning of ‘behold’ as in when looking at something very great. It can also have the meaning to ‘breath’ or ‘sigh’ as when looking at a great sight and having your breath taken away so to speak! It also has the meaning of revelation or to reveal something by pointing it out.

Waw ו

The ancient pictographic form of this letter is waw, which is a peg or ‘tent peg’ or nail, which was used for securing or tying the tent or other items. The possibility of it having a Y-shape is to show that it prevents the rope from slipping off. The root meaning of this letter is ‘to add, secure or hook’.

In the pictographic representation of the Name of Elohim we are able to clearly see how He, the All Existing One, revealed Himself to His Creation through His Outstretched Arm and Hand. The two pictures of the man and the peg in between them also gives us insight as to how He would come and reveal Himself in the form of a man and secure the Covenants of promise, and in this we are able to see the two comings of Messiah.

Behold the Outstretched Arm of the All Existing One shall come and secure His Covenant and Redeem us in order to establish His House for which He is coming again!

     heywawheyyad      reshbeitdalet

דְבַר־יהוה  – Deḇar יהוהTHE WORD of יהוה

THE WORD OF יהוה has come – and it is clear who He is – are you listening? He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says!


יהוה bless you and guard you; יהוה make His face shine upon you and show you favour; יהוה lift up His face to you and give you Shalom!