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20th of the 2nd month 2020/2021.

Shalom family,

Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 17:7-8 “Blessed is the man who trusts in יהוה, and whose trust is יהוה. “For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and does not see when heat comes. And his leaf shall be green, and in the year of drought he is not anxious, nor does he cease from yielding fruit.

Trust in יהוה – the very thing that every true believer must do at all times!

The Hebrew root word that is used for ‘trusts’ is בָּטַח bataḥ – Strong’s H982 which carries the meaning, to trust, be bold, confident, be secure, courageous.

And in saying that the blessed man not only trusts in יהוה, but also that the blessed man’s trust is יהוה, we are able to see that to trust in יהוה, is not just something that we do as an active response to a particular circumstance, but rather, it is who we are: for we are ‘trusters’, so to speak, who are continually trusting יהוה in all things, aměn!.

What then is true ‘trust’?

Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. It is a dependence upon one, or one in which confidence is placed. It is the confidence, reliance and resting of the mind in the integrity/friendship of another person..

When you make the bold statement that you ‘trust in יהוה’, do you really mean it?

Or, do you find that you tend to allow doubts and fears to come and cause you to waver in your ability to fully trust – especially when things do not seem to go your way?

Pure trust in יהוה results in the wonderful blessing of being stable and unshaken, by unfavourable circumstances that we may find ourselves in..

As Yirmeyahu writes here, when יהוה is your trust you will not get affected by the heat, or pressures of life! In other words, when the heat is turned up and persecutions are on the rise, or when difficult circumstances and trials are hitting you from all sides, then the true truster in יהוה stands unaffected!!!

Are you a true truster in יהוה, or do you find that you are easily shaken?.

In a message called, ‘TRUST IN יהוה AND BE NOT SHAKEN!’, I would like us all to be encouraged by the words of a great Psalm, which clearly defines the sure strength of those who trust in יהוה and the sure promises of the expectation that we have in Messiah, in whom we place all our trust!.

Please read Tehillah/Psalm 125 before continuing.

This short Psalm has 5 powerful verses and within these verses, we see such great truth in regards to the power of these words. So, as we look a little deeper at the root meanings of some of the key Hebrew words contained herein, we will clearly see the power contained within this magnificent Psalm..

The theme of this Psalm is the security that we have in יהוה, amidst a crooked world and an age of much insecurity for many.

As we look at some key words, I hope to encourage you to be steadfast in placing your trust in יהוה, as we are reminded of the true and pure confidence that we can experience in trusting our lovingly committed Creator, Redeemer and King – יהושע Messiah!.

The title of this Psalm is written in the Hebrew text as follows:

שִׁיר הַמַּעֲלוֹת – shiyr hama’aloth

This is best translated as

A song of degrees.

Tehillim/Psalms 120-134 are all titled as ‘A song of degrees’ and these Psalms are believed to have been songs that were sung by those who travelled to Yerushalayim each year, to celebrate the Feasts of יהוה.

The two root words that are used in this title are:

1) שִׁיר shir – Strong’s H7892 which means, song, music, musical and

2) מַעֲלָה ma’alah – Strong’s H4609 which means, what comes up, steps, high degree, ascends, stairway, which comes from the primitive root verb עָלָה alah – Strong’s H5927 which means, to go up, ascend, climb, approach, go;

We are also able to recognise that a derivative of this root verb is the word עֹלָה olah – Strong’s H5930 which means, whole burnt offering, ascent, staircase, stairway.

The עֹלָה olah offering represents a giving of oneself totally to יהוה, and these songs express the true worship of true worshippers of Elohim who confidently place their trust in Him, and offer up their entire lives, as a living sacrifice, having the sound of continual songs of praise on their lips, declaring their steadfast trust in יהוה..

These are not just simple words that are randomly sung in a hope to feel confident.

They are songs of ascending praise, given to the One in whom we are to put our trust; and here, the writer makes it clear, in declaring straight up, that those who trust in יהוה are like Mount Tsiyon!!! People who confidently place their trust and reliance upon יהוה are like Mount Tsiyon!!!

This image is used to highlight a symbol of pure strength and stability.

Mount Tsiyon is an emblem of permanence and it reflects the power of the Renewed Covenants of Promise, in the Blood of Messiah, as opposed to Mount Sinai – a mountain that what scorched with fire!

Mount Tsiyon represents the firm and protected provision for the Covenanted Bride of Messiah, who is secured in His Blood, and represents stability, as we see that even while the mountains and hills may fall away – Our Master’s loving-commitment endures forever:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 54:10 “For though the mountains be removed and the hills be shaken, My loving-commitment is not removed from you, nor is My covenant of peace shaken,” said יהוה, who has compassion on you.

Mount Tsiyon is not shaken and remains forever!

What this is declaring, is that His Covenant of Peace shall never be shaken, and when Messiah comes again, He shall reign on Mount Tsiyon – a symbol of an unshakeable and permanent reign!

We who trust in יהוה are like the unshakeable mountain – we are not shaken by trouble and battles that may surround us! And we would do well to be reminded of this!.

The Hebrew word translated as ‘shaken’ is מוֹט mot – Strong’s H4131 which means, removed, to waver, slip, fall, shake, totter.

We who trust in יהוה shall never be ‘shaken’ and never waver or slip or fall, or even totter as we stand firm in the Truth!

Those who are trusting and never shaken shall inherit the earth, while those who waver shall not dwell in the earth.

Mishlĕ/Proverbs 10:30 “The righteous is never shaken, while the wrong shall not dwell in the earth..

Sha’ul tells us in Eph’siyim/Ephesians 4:14-15 that we are not to be as children that are tossed and borne about by every wind of teaching, by the trickery of men, in cleverness, unto the craftiness of leading astray; but rather, we are to be a people who maintain the truth in love, growing up in all respects into Messiah, our Head!.

Sadly, what we find today, is a lot of ‘children’ so to speak, that when the first sign of trouble or shaking comes, they are tossed about by various teachings and opinions and are therefore never able to actually grow up and stand on their own two feet, in Messiah!

To bring this home a little closer, we have to ensure that we, who claim to put our trust in יהוה, are, in fact, not being shaken in the face of trouble, and we are to make sure that we are not given over to compromise, due to heated pressures that are felt by the paranoia and panic of the world around us..

To trust fully in יהוה requires the need to believe and obey what His Word instructs us to do, no matter the circumstances that we find ourselves in, or the consequences of our steadfastness amidst a wicked people!

For example – when the Word clearly instructs us to guard the Sabbath and set it apart, and observe it as He instructs, then we are to do just that and trust יהוה for our full protection and provision.

Today there are so many who find themselves saying they trust יהוה, while their compromised actions in regards to obeying the Truth speak otherwise!

Sabbath keeping or rather lack thereof, is just one example of how many that are claiming to ‘trust יהוה’, actually show that they do not trust Him, for fear of man, especially when confronted to break the Sabbath for work!

Who do you trust – יהוה and His Word or your own selfish reasoning that tries to secure and protect your position and income, through compromise, in the fear of losing your work!

I know this sounds very harsh, and many would strike me down for me saying this – but this is a harsh reality check, or test, of where our true trust actually lies!!! Is it in יהוה or is self?.

There are many examples we could run through in this regard, yet the point that I am trying to bring across is simply this: proper trust in יהוה requires an obedient and active faith, that hears, guards and does all He commands us to so, with the full confidence of the sure hope that we have in Messiah, causing us to never waver, shake, totter, fall or slip into compromising our steadfast stand in the Truth!

The Bride of יהוה is likened to the renewed city of Yerushalayim in Ḥazon/Revelation 21, and Yerushalayim is a city that is surrounded by hills – hills that provide fortification against invading armies.

And so, here in this song of ascending praise, we are clearly reminded that the One who made all the hills, is our security, as He surrounds us now and forever, like the hills around Yerushalayim.

And we who trust in יהוה, have the assurance of His sure Word, that as long as we trust in, and rely upon, Him, by standing firm and steadfast in the doing of His commands, then we shall never stumble, as His Word equips us to stand, for He alone is able to keep us from stumbling – and for that, we are to give Him praise:

Yehuḏah/Jude 1:24 “And to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you blameless before the presence of His esteem with exceeding joy.

A lack of active trust can cause one to stumble and fall, and so, we must constantly be reminded to trust in the One who will keep us from falling – and how do we do that?

By believing His word and walking in it!!!

So many try to excuse away their ability to do what His Word says and will compromise set-apartness, when faced with choices that seem too tough to make – when, in fact, true trust chooses to obey without hesitation!

How is your daily trusting in יהוה going???

Have you found yourself compromising and afraid to stand up for the truth, in fear of losing something that you think will sustain you?

Trust in יהוה, without obedience, even in the face of losing what you have tried to hold on to, in the flesh, is not true trust, and is often just a vain lip service that lacks heart – for the heart is where the Torah is supposed to be written upon, in order for us to do what it says!!!.

Those who trust in יהוה are blessed and are not shaken; and remain forever!!!

The Hebrew word translated as ‘remains’ is יָשַׁב yashaḇ – Strong’s H3427 meaning, sit, dwell, remain, abide, inhabit, sitting still, and is a word that is often translated as ‘sit’, and a modern word derived from this word which is translated as school is ‘yeshiva’.

And to ‘sit’ or ‘sitting’ in the Hebraic mind-set is an idiom for learning; and it is at the Master’s Feet that we come and sit and drink of His Pure and Clear Living Water and get great clarity and insight and strength to sojourn with joy!

Dawiḏ sought, with intensity, to sit and learn in the house of יהוה, all the days of his life; and I believe that we today, need to learn to have this intense longing to grow in the knowledge and understanding of our Maker, as too many today can hardly find the time to even read a chapter of the Scriptures each day. This simply reveals a lack of earnestly seeking to dwell, and remain, in His presence forever – how about you?

Those who trust in יהוה are always able to find the time to ‘sit and learn’, in order to be properly equipped in every way, in Messiah, to walk and remain steadfast!

Those who do not fully trust, show their lack of trust by their inability to ‘sit and learn’ and, as a result, they find themselves shaking under the heated pressure of trials..

In verse 3, we are told that the ‘sceptre of wrongness’ shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous; and what is being declared to us here, is the fact that the righteous remnant, in Messiah, have an inheritance that can never be ruled or overtaken by the wrong!

The Hebrew root word for ‘sceptre’ is שֵׁבֶט sheḇet – Strong’s H7626 and means, rod, staff, branch, shaft and is a symbol of authority and rulership.

We know, in reference to the Authority and Rule of יהוה, that the sceptre would not depart from Yehuḏah until Shiloh (the sent One) came – and so, Messiah came and took up the sceptre and He rules forever, in the order of Malkitseḏeq,  for He is the Righteous King and High Priest!!!.

The rule of the wicked will never rest on our allotted inheritance!

The Hebrew root word that is used here for ‘rest’ comes from the primitive root verb נוּחַ nuaḥ – Strong’s H5117 which means, to rest, abandon, give comfort, settle down and remain..

When the promise remains for us to enter in His rest – that is of Messiah – we see clearly how we are to enter into His rule and authority – that is: His Kingdom Reign – in which we shall abide and remain in forever – and where wickedness will have no place or part!

We have an allotted inheritance – the meek shall inherit the earth and the earth shall be ruled in righteousness and justice – for they are the foundations of His throne – and in our inheritance, we have the sure promise that no wickedness will be able to rule or have any authority!!!!

This promise remains for the faithful, who continue to trust in יהוה and walk steadfast in righteousness, as ambassadors of the Kingdom to come, guarding to do all He commands, without wavering!

The only way this sure allotment can be lost by some, is if they stretch forth their hand to unrighteousness!

The term that is translated as ‘stretch forth’ comes from the Hebrew root word שָׁלַח shalaḥ – Strong’s H7971 which means, to send, stretch out, extend, send away, let loose and is a word that is used frequently in the Tanak, and also describes the ‘putting away’ of a wife, as a final step of the divorce process.

Many women were put away without having been divorced in the correct manner and this Messiah spoke harshly against. But here, we can see this word representing the ‘loosening’ of one’s firm grip of the Truth and putting one’s hand to unrighteousness!

We are to cling to the truth, giving no room for our hands to be found doing unrighteousness; and sadly, so many people who claim to trust in יהוה, do not have their hands on the trust, but have rather, have let loose their grip and have turned to the holding fast to selfish and fleshly works!

The word that is used for ‘unrighteousness’, in Hebrew, comes from the root word עָוֶל avel – Strong’s H5766 which means, injustice, unrighteousness, wrong, iniquity, and we know that in יהוה there is NO unrighteousness:

Deḇarim/Deuteronomy 32:4 “The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are right-ruling, an Ěl of truth and without unrighteousness, righteous and straight is He.

We who claim to live in Him, must walk upright and straight, not allowing ourselves to loosen our grip on the Truth and we must not be found putting our hands (our works) to unrighteousness and sin! The workers of lawlessness will be severely rebuked and rejected and will be told that they are not know by the Master, even after they try to appeal to Him, claiming how they have ‘done’ and ‘worked’ so much in His Name, yet their works are not of righteousness, which is to guard and do His commands and walk in His Torah! As a result of tehri works of lawlessness, they will be rebuked and cast away from His presence, and there will be a waling and gnashing of teeth!.

We have an inheritance in Messiah our King, and we have a clear choice – hold fast to the Truth and make sure both hands are fully clinging to His Truth, as we work the good works of righteousness that has been prepared beforehand for us to do; or let go and stretch forth our hand to unrighteousness and join the crooked who will be led away with the workers of wickedness!!!.

Verse 4 is a proclamation of truth, with the righteous appeal to a just and righteous Elohim to do good to who are good and upright in heart, while verse 5 clearly tells us the fate of the crooked – being led away to destruction!

The Hebrew root word for upright is יָשָׁר yashar – Strong’s H3477, which means, right, straight, upright and righteous.

The Book of Yasher, commonly known to us as ‘Jasher’, means the book of the ‘upright/straight’ or the Book of the ‘Righteous’.

We, as children of Elohim are called to walk upright and straight, and we are called to walk and do what is ‘right’ in the eyes of יהוה, for we are called to do what is ‘yashar’ (right) and we are called to walk in righteousness, which we know is to walk in His Torah!

Deḇarim/Deuteronomy 12:28 “Guard, and obey all these words which I command you, that it might be well with you and your children after you forever, when you do what is good and right in the eyes of יהוה your Elohim.

I encourage you to go and check out the commentary notes on Deḇarim/Deuteronomy 3-7 for a much deeper understanding of what ‘yasher’ means!.

In contrast to walking straight and upright, we see the Hebrew word that is translated as ‘crooked’ עֲקַלְקָל aqalqal – Strong’s H6128 which means, crooked waysand comes from the primitive root verbעָקַל aqal – Strong’s H6127 which means, to bend, twist’.

We see so much twisting of the Truth going on, as many people devise their own crooked ways, by twisting or bending the truth in order to suit their selfish lifestyle!

Many rely on the inherited traditions that have been built on twisted lies and refuse to straighten up and walk in the Truth, as they refuse to walk in the straight and narrow way!

Twisting the truth is lies – and we are not sons of the deceiver, but are sons of Elohim – and we must speak truth. There are those in Christianity who are twisting Sha’ul’s writings, thinking that he is teaching them that the Torah has been done away with, which is absolutely ridiculous!

Then there are those who are walking the Torah road, who sadly want to throw out Sha’ul’s writings and, in doing so, they end up on a path that leads to a denial of Messiah!

For many who twist writings – they do so because they are untaught and unstable.

We must be ever learning, as we gather each week on a Shabbat and immerse ourselves in the Word, as we gather together in community and learn the Torah of Elohim!

There are many twisted teachings out there – too many tickling ear messages that are leading many astray! Let us not be sons of twisting – but rather, sons of Truth, as we walk in and remain in the Truth!.

This walk of faith in Messiah, calls for pure and devoted trust in יהוה and His Word and is walked out by those true trusting believers who know and call upon His Name:

Tehillah/Psalm 9:10 “And those who know Your Name trust in You, for You have not forsaken those who seek You, O יהוה..

As one reads Mishlĕ/proverbs 30, we find a very rhetorical line of questioning being given in the first couple of verses, that lead to the ultimate question of whether one actually knows the Name of The Creator and Redeemer!.

So many people claim to trust in the Creator, yet they do not even know His Name!

How can you trust in someone that you do not even know their name!!!

Mishlĕ/Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in יהוה with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; 6 Know Him in all your ways, and He makes all your paths straight.

Mishlĕ/Proverbs 14:26 “In the fear of יהוה is strong trust, and His children have a place of refuge.

Walking in the fear of יהוה is strong Trust, as you hear, guard and do His clear instructions (Torah) and find your refuge in Him, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in..

Are you a true ‘truster’ in יהוה, or are you easily shaken by the fear of man?.

The Hebrew root word for ‘trust’, as mentioned at the beginning of this message, is בָּטַח bataḥ – Strong’s H982 which means, to trust, be bold, confident, be secure, courageous..

In the ancient pictographic script, the word בָּטַח bataḥ – Strong’s H982 looks this this:.


Beyt – ב:

The ancient script has this letter as , which pictures a tent floor plan and means, ‘house’ or ‘tent’. It represents family and the importance of those who are inside the tent as opposed to the tent structure itself..

Tet – ט:

The original pictograph for this letter is , a container made of wicker or clay. Containers were a very important item among the nomadic Hebrews. They were used for storing grains and other items. Wicker baskets were used as nets for catching fish. The meanings of this letter are basket, contain, store and clay..

Ḥet – חַ

The ancient script has this letter as which is a tent wall’, and carries a meaning of separation’, as a tent wall separates two halves of the tent; or it can also reflect the outside walls that separate the people inside from that which is outside and so can also symbolise protection and security to those inside, while picturing a cutting off of those who are outside. Hence this letter can mean ‘established, secure’ as well as ‘cut off, separated from’.

As a tent wall we are also able to recognise the picture of stones being built up to make a complete wall..

When we look collectively at these pictographic letters that form this word, we are able to glean some valuable insight into the encouraging message that is being given through this word, as the following meaning can be rendered from these pictures:.


Our Master and Elohim has firmly established the end from the beginning and for this reason we are able to put our complete trust in Him and stay in Him, as He is coming to gather us to Himself and let His kingdom be firmly established forever, where He will rule and reign with His adorned and capable Bride!

When you grasp that He has firmly secured the House – His House – and all who are in it, then trusting in Him should be something we should do without hindrance..

As we stay in the One whom we trust, and we make Him our trust, we have the firm assurance that we shall continue to produce fruit and not fear the heat of troubles, nor allow anxieties to affect us when drought hits!!!

This is the blessing of the man who trust in יהוה and makes יהוה his trust!

How are you doing in trusting in יהוה and making Him your trust?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the heat of trials?

Do you find yourself panicking, when there is a severe drought or lack of provision coming through?

Are you finding it tough to completely trust in יהוה during these perilous times, where we are all facing the effects of man’s reactions to the wasting disease that has come upon the earth? Has the outbreak of wasting diseases and lockdown laws caused you to be shaken and find yourself trusting in the reports of man or are you keeping your eyes fixed on our Master and possessing your life by endurance!

The difference between trusting in יהוה and trusting in man is the difference between blessings and curses!!!

The appeal I make to you all in this message is simply this:


You either believe His Word or not – you either trust in Him and make Him your trust or not!

There can be no middle ground..

Recognising our need to be faithful and steadfast sojourners that are never moved, I urge you all to be urgent in excelling still more, in perfecting set-apartness, as we ‘dwell’ – that is – sojourn here as strangers and pilgrims and abstain from fleshly lusts which battle against our life, knowing that our labour in the Master is not in vain, as we faithfully wait for Him to take us to His set-apart mountain that is not shaken!

Mishlĕ/Proverbs 12:3 “A man is not established by wrongness, but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

No one will ever be able to be firmly established by violating the clear Torah of Elohim, and this is what is happening every day, by those who hold fast to the vain traditions of man, while they so easily cast aside the Torah of Elohim. And they think that they are established in their twisted truth of man-made dogmas and traditions!

Dogmas of man and false traditions can never establish a person, only the Torah of Elohim and the proper guarding of His commands can; and we who have been clothed with righteousness by the blood of Messiah, and stay in Him, are able to have our feet firmly established in the Truth!

The Hebrew word that is used here in Mishlĕ/Proverbs 12:3 for ‘root’ comes from the root word שֹׁרֶשׁ shoresh – Strong’s H8328 which means, a root, base, depths, soles, and is figuratively used to describe the firmness and permanence of people!

We also take note that this word is used to declare the prophetic promise of Messiah, who would come forth as the root of Yishai:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a Root of Yishai, standing as a banner to the people. Unto Him the gentiles shall seek, and His rest shall be esteem.

The Greek word that is used for ‘root’ in the LXX (Septuagint – Greek translation of the Tanak – O.T.) is ῥίζα rhiza – Strong’s G4491, and we see this word being used by Messiah, in declaring that He is the ROOT:

Ḥazon/Revelation 22:16 “I, יהושע, have sent My messenger to witness to you these matters in the assemblies. I am the Root and the Offspring of Dawiḏ̱, the Bright and Morning Star..

Sha’ul teaches us very clearly, that without Messiah, the Root upon which we are to be established, we shall not be able to stand and bear the fruit of righteousness!

Romiyim/Romans 11:16 “Now if the first-fruit is set-apart, the lump is also. And if the root is set-apart, so are the branches.

We are the branches and not the root, and without the root we cannot live!

The Righteous root will never be shaken or moved; therefore, we who stay in the Righteous Root shall never be shaken!.

For those who stand up, and are zealous, for the esteem of יהוה, there shall be no lack and they shall serve forever, as a set-apart and royal priesthood unto Him, never to be shaken or moved!

How zealous are you, to not be shaken?

Will you stand up and be bold in set-apartness and not be moved by pressures and trials, always giving thanks and praise to our Rock and Refuge?

Our ability to stand firm and not be shaken, requires our complete trust and reliance upon our Master and Elohim, and in saying that, we recognise how we are to cast our burdens upon Him, lest we find our burdens cause us to be shaken!

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55:22 “Cast your burden on יהוה, and let Him sustain you; He never allows the righteous to be shaken.

The Greek word used in the LXX (Septuagint – Greek translation of the Tanak – O.T.) for ‘burden’ is μέριμνα merimna – Strong’s G3308 which means, cares, worry, worries, anxieties, and we are told in:

Kěpha Aleph/1 Peter 5:6-7 “Humble yourselves, then, under the mighty hand of Elohim, so that He exalts you in due time, 7 casting all your worry upon Him, for He is concerned about you.

יהושע tells us, in the Parable of the sower and the seed, that the worries/cares of this life choke out the Word. And this is exactly what happens to the seed that is sown among thorns, which pictures those who hear the Word, but the worries of life choke it out!.

This Greek word μέριμνα merimna – Strong’s G3308 can also render the understanding of, being pulled in different directions – have you ever felt like you are being pulled in so many directions that you do not know which way to turn?.

The sad reality, is that most of us allow anxieties to consume us and when this does, then the very Word that has been deposited in us, gets choked.

Think about this for a moment, choking is not a nice experience!!!

Worries choke out the good deposit.

We are to be on guard and watch, and be careful for this not to happen!

How many of you have worries?

Many of you may have some very pressing and urgent matters that need to be attended to and sorted out, yet you do not know how.

Perhaps the trials and pressures that the lockdown that has been imposed on us all, has you in a state of being pulled in so many direction that you do not know which way to turn, as the burdens just seem to be getting bigger and too heavy to carry..

Well, both Yeshayahu and Kěpha make it clear to us: we are to cast all our burden/worry upon Elohim and let Him sustain us and cause us to never be shaken and burdened with the worries of this life!

Sha’ul tells us in:

Pilipiyim/Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not worry at all, but in every matter, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to Elohim. 7 And the peace of Elohim, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds through Messiah יהושע.

The covenant of peace is extended to those who are not shaken and do not worry, but rather, in every matter they find rest and safety in Elohim!

Above all, our Master Himself tells us not to worry about tomorrow, or about what we shall eat or drink, or about what we shall put on!!!

How have you been at hearing these very clear and simple instructions?

Or have you found that these are the very things that have caused you to be worried and you have been greatly shaken and find that your ability to give a proper praise of continual thanksgiving, has been sorely lacking!

This song of degrees makes it clear and it reveals the fate of the those who trust in יהוה, versus those who do not.

May this Psalm be a continual song of ascents/degrees, to us who trust in יהוה with all our heart and let it not become a song of judgement, because we lacked heart and did not trust, after being shaken by trouble.

As we consider that the Hebrew word for ‘degrees’ comes from the root word that is used to describe the ascending offering, as already mentioned, may we recognise the urgency of being the daily living sacrifice before our Master, offering up our lives in complete set-apartness, revealing our declaration that we trust in יהוה and that He is our trust!

I remind you that the Hebrew root word for ‘ascending offering’ is עֹלָה olah – Strong’s H5930.

In the ancient pictographic script, the Hebrew word for ‘ascending offering’ – עֹלָה olah – Strong’s H5930 and the primitive root verb עָלָה alah – Strong’s H5927 which means, to go up, ascend, climb, approach, go, both look like this:.


Ayin – עֵ:

The original pictograph for this letter is and represents the idea of ‘seeing and watching’, as well as ‘knowledge’. as the eye is the ‘window of knowledge’..

Lamed – לַ:

The ancient script has this letter as , and is pictured as a ‘shepherd’s staff, can give the meaning of to or toward and can represent that which pushes or pulls a flock in a direction, and can speak of authority or a yoke that is used to lead and guide, as well as the ability to bring back by Authority..

Hey – הָ:

The ancient script has this letter pictured as , which is ‘a man standing with his arms raised out’. The meaning of the letter is behold, look, breath, sigh and reveal or revelation, from the idea of revealing a great sight by pointing it out. It also carries for us the meaning of surrender, as we lift up our hands and submit to יהוה as we lift our hands in praise, declaring His authority under which we humbly submit!.

When considering the ascending offering and the clear Torah of this offering that requires the fire to never be put out, we are able to recognise the clear lesson portrayed in the pictograph rendering of this word עֹלָה olah, which teaches us how we are to have our eyes continually fixed upon our Shepherd who is to be praised!.

In terms of the ascending offering, these letters can render the meaning:


With the eye representing knowledge and experience we can also see how this can render our need to continually experience the staff as we lift our hands in surrendered praise, and this ought to be reflected in our lives being a daily living offering that is well pleasing to our Master and Good Shepherd!.

With the Hebrew term מַעֲלָה ma’alah – Strong’s H4609, which means ‘degress’, coming from the root word עָלָה alah – Strong’s H5927 we take note that the word מַעֲלָה ma’alah – Strong’s H4609 has an additional letter at the front, and is pictured as follows, in the ancient pictographic script:

This additional letter is the letter:

Mem – מִ:

The ancient script has this letter as and is pictured as ‘water’, and also carries the meaning of ‘chaos’ (from the storms of the sea) and can also picture that which is mighty or massive as well as the unknown.

We are also able to understand this letter as representing the nations, for the nations are often likened to the seas in Scripture. Knowing then, that this letter also represents ‘water’, we are able to see how this can render for us the meaning of ‘washing’ or ‘cleansing’..

Our ability to lift up a proper song of praise, unto our Mighty Elohim, in whom we trust, is due to His washing us in His Blood, giving us all we need to serve Him and keep trusting in Him!

We are able to give proper thanks in all, to The One who called us out of the chaos of darkness and washed us, and continues to wash us in His Word. And for this reason, we can, and must, put our full trust in Him and not be shaken, but keep standing firm, with hands that are set-apart lifted up in praise to Him!.

May we all declare, as Dawiḏ declared in:

Tehillah/Psalm 62:2&6 “He alone is my rock and my deliverance, my strong tower; I am not greatly shaken..

As we consider the power of this very short, yet very great song of degrees, may we be stirred to lift our hands in complete confident praise unto our Refuge and Strength, with the strengthened trust and reliance upon Him and Him alone that can cause us to declare as Dawiḏ declared, in Tehillah/Psalm 62, saying: I AM NOT SHAKEN!.


His Name, favour and shalom be upon Yisra’ĕl… Now and forever, Aměn!.

יהוה bless you and guard you; יהוה make His face shine upon you and show favour to you; יהוה lift up His face upon you and give you Shalom!!!