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21st of the 6th month 2021/2022.


Mattithyahu/Matthew 13:44-46 “Again, the reign of the heavens is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man having found it, hid, and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. 45 “Again, the reign of the heavens is like a man, a merchant, seeking fine pearls, 46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

יהושע Messiah was speaking in powerful parables, as He was teaching many great lessons on the reign of the heavens.

The Greek word that is also translated as ‘parable, parables’ is παραβολή parabolē – Strong’s G3850 which means, a placing beside, comparison, parable, proverb, symbol, type, and is used 50 times in 48 verses in the Renewed Writings and comes from the two root words:

1) παρά para – Strong’s G3844 which is used as a primitive participle meaning, from besides, by the side of, by, besides, near, and

2) βάλλω ballō – Strong’s G906 which means, to throw or cast..

This Greek word παραβολή parabolē – Strong’s G3850 is used in the LXX (Septuagint – The Greek translation of Tanak) for the Hebrew word for ‘proverbs’ –which is the word מִשְׁלֵיMishlĕ, which comes from the root noun מָשָׁל mashal – Strong’s H4912 and means, a proverb, parable, a byword’, which, in its primitive root form, means, to compare, to represent, be like, and comes from the root verb מָשַׁל mashal – Strong’s H4911 which means, to use a proverb, speak in parables or sentences of poetry’. .

The reason for me highlighting these root words that are translated as ‘parable, parables, figures of speech’, is to simply show how we are able to begin understanding, more clearly, the words of our Master, יהושע Messiah, when He spoke in parables, by using terms such as:

The reign of the heavens is like…”, or,

The reign of the heavens shall be compared to…”..

A ‘parable’ actually presents the truth very clearly, by putting a fresh light on the matter, as it is often presented in a ‘story’ format that represents the message being given, using imagery that is known to the hearer, in order to illustrate and shed light on the result of past, current and even future events, as determined by choices that are made.

Parables can only be understood by the attentive hearer and doer of the Word, while those who do not hear, in order to do, are never able to fully understand the teachings of or Master! .

When we look at the pictograph of the Hebrew word for ‘proverbs, מִשְׁלֵי Mishlĕ, we are able to clearly see the powerful work of redemption that our Master has brought us, through His Blood, as we see this word being depicted in the ancient script as follows:.


Mem – מִ:

The ancient script has this letter as and is pictured as ‘water’, and also carries the meaning of ‘chaos’ (from the storms of the sea) and can also picture that which is mighty or massive as well as the unknown.

We are also able to understand this letter as representing the nations, for the nations are often likened to the seas in Scripture. Knowing then, that this letter also represents ‘water’, we are able to see how this can render for us the meaning of ‘washing’ or ‘cleansing’..

Shin – שְׁ:

This is the letter ‘shin’ which in the ancient script is pictured as, , which is ‘two front teeth’ and carries the meaning of ‘sharp or press, chew or devour’; which is what the teeth do, and also speaks of the sharpened word that comes forth from the mouth as the teeth ‘chew’ or ‘meditate’ on the Truth, making what comes forth pure and sharp! It also carries the understanding of consuming or destroying – as teeth do to food..

Lamed – לֵ:

The ancient script has this letter as , and is pictured as a ‘shepherd’s staff’, can give the meaning of ‘to or toward’ and can represent that which pushes or pulls a flock in a direction, and can speak of authority or a yoke that is used to lead and guide, as well as the ability to bring back by Authority. .

Yod – י:

The ancient script has this letter as which is ‘an arm and hand’, and carries the meaning of ‘work, make, throw’, from the primary functions of the arm and hand, and it also represents worship or giving thanks in the extending of hands as a gesture of this.

The work of one’s hands is the basic meaning of this letter!

And this letter also pictures for us the outstretched Arm and working Hand of Elohim, that is not too short to save!.

When we consider this pictograph for the word that means ‘parables’, we are able to recognise the following, being declared:



Our Master and Good Shepherd, came to cleanse us, through the washing of His Word, by coming in the flesh and revealing to us the arm of יהוה. And His Word and the revelation thereof is given to us in order to know the secrets of the reign of Elohim, for the light is for those that are in The House!.

Here, in these two very short parables that we are given in Mattithyahu/Matthew 13:44-46, we are able to learn a great deal about finding the true treasure of the reign of the heavens, as well as counting the cost of a provided entrance into that reign that is coming. .

The Greek word that is translated asfound’ is εὑρίσκω heuriskō – Strong’s G2147 which means, to find, get, obtain, learn, discover, understand, and we see this word being used in:

Mattithyahu/Matthew 7:7-8 “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. 8 “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.

There are so many ‘wannabe-believers that are not willing to make the required effort to seek and find’ the great pearls of wisdom in the Word of Elohim, and when wisdom is brought forth, or presented, by another, the lazy and ignorant usually pass off the one bringing the message of great Truth as being puffed up with too much knowledge..

יהוה tells us that His people are perishing for lack of knowledge, and that is because they are not seeking His knowledge, and will therefore never find it, although they erroneously claim to have found the truth, as they hold fast to ear tickling teachings of man that are taught, as commands, while they do not even know what the word of Elohim actually says!

To those who do find His Word, because they are diligently and earnestly seeking Him, will understand that His Word will be life and healing to them! .

What we take note of here, is that this parable of the reign of the heavens being described as one pearl of great price being found, speaks of the actual “finding of the entrance to the Reign, as we take careful note of the description of the New Yerushalayim, as described in Ḥazon/Revelation, where we are told that it has 12 gates and each gate is a giant single pearl, upon which the names of the 12 tribes of Yisra’ĕl are written!.

The parable of the pearl of great price is a clear parable lesson about seeking the Truth and finding it, which causes the true and earnest seeker to sell all that he has in order to secure the pearl, and in so doing they are securing an entrance into the set-apart place of the MostHigh..

The Greek word that is translated asgreat price’, in Mattithyahu/Matthew 13:46 is πολύτιμος polutimos – Strong’s G4186 which means, great price, very costly, very precious, and is constructed form two words:

1) – πολύς polus – Strong’s G4183 which means,much, many and

2) τιμή time – Strong’s G5092 which means, (to value, honour), a valuing, price, honour, honourable use, mark of respect.

This Greek word πολύτιμος polutimos – Strong’s G4186 is only used in one other place in the Renewed Writings (N.T.) and it is used in describing the costly perfume that Miryam took and anointed the feet of our Master with, as recorded in:

Yoḥanan/John 12:3Then Miryam took a pound of costly perfume of nard, anointed the feet of יהושע, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume..

The Greek word τιμή time – Strong’s G5092 is used in Sha’ul’s letter to the believers in Corinth:

Qorintiyim Aleph/1 Corinthians 6:20 “For you were bought with a price, therefore esteem Elohim in your body and in your spirit, which are of Elohim.

We have been bought with a price!

Now, in understanding this, we are to have attentive ears to hear the call for pure set-apart worship: and that is to give our all unto Elohim, which is what Miryam did!

As we worship with our all and live our lives in the complete set-apartness that is called for, then we are the fragrance of Messiah:

Qorintiyim Bět/2 Corinthians 2:15-16Because we are to Elohim the fragrance of Messiah among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. 16 To the one we are the smell of death to death, and to the other the fragrance of life to life. And who is competent for these?.

This is a lesson on counting the cost and knowing that the gift of life, which secures for us the right of entrance into His eternal presence, will cost you your all, and because He gave His all, He has freely given us access to His gates; and as Ḥazon tells us: it is not all who shall have access but rather… it those who are doing His commands:

Ḥazon/Revelation 22:14Blessed are those doing His commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life, and to enter through the gates into the city.

Those doing His commands are given access through the ‘pearl’ gates of the set-apart city, while outside are the idolaters, whores, murders and those who love falsehood!

Our right of entrance has been purchased by the Blood of Messiah and therefore, the gift of entrance is available to all who are cleansed in His Blood and stay in Him, by walking in and guarding to do all His commands!.

In many of His parables, יהושע Messiah made it clear that the ‘fieldthat he spoke of represented the world, and through His blood, He has purchased that field, so that when He returns, all who are in Him shall enter in to their promised inheritance!.

In a message called, FIELD PURCHASED – INHERITANCE SECURED!, I want us to recognise, and be reminded of, the precious gift of inheritance that the Blood of Messiah has bought for us, as well as our need to count the cost of that purchase and give our all, as we hold firm to the promise of our inheritance with great love and obedience, ensuring that there is nothing that hinders our walk and possession of His sure promises, so that we can be the fragrance of Messiah, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in..

In this message, I want us to look at the instructions that were given to Yirmeyahu and the obedience of his actions to the clear instructions that were given to Him by Elohim, which both shadow picture the redemptive work and sure promise of Messiah, as well as our need to hold firm the sure calling we have in our Master and Kinsman Redeemer! .

Please read Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 32:6-27 .

In this chapter, we see a very powerful event taking place, at a time when these events may not have made much sense to many, yet, in this account, we are able to see the very powerful shadow picture of the redeeming work of Messiah being actively lived out, through a living parable!

We must consider the timing of these events, in order to gain a fuller understanding as to what was being asked and what was being promised, through the complete action of obedience!

This was in the 10th year of Tsiḏqiyahu and the 18th year of Neḇuḵaḏretstsar!

The armies of the sovereign of Baḇel had surrounded Yerushalayim and Yirmeyahu had been shut up in the court of the guard, for prophesying that Yerushalayim was going to be given into the hand of Neḇuḵaḏretstsar.

Nobody liked his ‘message of judgement’ and they preferred to have many ear tickling messages that provided a false hope, while refusing to give ear to the clear Word of Elohim, being spoken by Yirmeyahu.

They did not want to hear that they were going to go into captivity because of their disobedience.

This was a year before this would happen!

All did not look too good for Yehuḏah and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim.

Under the severe and real threat of being taken, Yirmeyahu is asked to do something that may not have seemed appropriate or feasible, given the clear prophesy that he had given! .

And here, in verse 6 we see that Yirmeyahu makes it clear that the Word of יהוה had come to him and told him that his cousin was going to come to him and tell him to buy the field which is in Anathoth!

יהוה told him that Ḥaname’ěl, the son of Shallum his uncle was coming to him to tell him to redeem the field in Anathoth!

The Hebrew name חֲנַמְאֵל Ḥaname’ěl – Strong’s H2601 means, El is gracious, El favours, El has favoured, and the name שַׁלּוּם Shallum – Strong’s H7967 means, retribution, recompense.

The place עֲנָתוֹת Anathoth –Strong’s H6068 means,answers to prayer. .

With the meaning of these names, and the location of this field, we are able to see a very powerful message that comes through the Word of יהוה, and that is that with Elohim, who favours, there is retribution and recompense in a clear answer to prayer. .

Retribution can have the meaning of ‘the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment’, and we see that the gracious Elohim who hears our prayers, answers our prayers and shall dispense both the reward for obedience as well as the punishment for disobedience! .

The House of Yehuḏah was about to go into 70 years of captivity, for being disobedient, and for not letting the land have its Sabbath rests.

And in the midst of this very trying time, there is a sure promise and hope that is given to the prayers for the righteous ones, as this promise is expressed practically through the obedient actions of Yirmeyahu. .

Yirmeyahu would be told to ‘buy’ the field, and the Hebrew root word that is translated as ‘buy’ is קְנָא qena – Strong’s H7066 which means, to acquire, buy, purchase, and corresponds to the word קָנָה qanah – Strong’s H7069 which means, to acquire, buy, purchase, get, recover’.

We see this word קָנָה qanah – Strong’s H7069 being used in:

Mishlĕ/Proverbs 23:23 “Buy the truth and do not sell it – Wisdom and discipline and understanding.

The instruction that is being given here is clear:


And what we must recognise and acknowledge very clearly here, is that it will cost you!

יהושע Messiah has paid the cost for our deliverance, yet we must also count the cost of following hard after Him and seeking Him with all our heart!.

This account of Yirmeyahu buying this fields was indeed a clear picture of ‘belief/faith in action’!!!

It was not enough for Yirmeyahu to simply be teaching and proclaiming the Truth; he had to live it out and let his faith/belief be clearly seen in his actions.

Picture the scene for a moment:

Here you have Yirmeyahu, who was clearly being a faithful prophet of Elohim and while he continually warned the people of the coming wrath of Elohim, they had rejected his words and locked him up, because they did not like what he was proclaiming.

Now, can you see how these events may have looked to most, as it was this same prophet, who was proclaiming a captivity that was about to happen, that went and bought a field in the land that the people were about to be expelled from!

For many this would have seemed very strange, as he was clearly telling everyone that they were about to be exiled for 70 years and here, Yirmeyahu was buying a field, as his right for redemption to do so was validated by his cousin. .

Think about it for a moment: would Yirmeyahu live another 70 years?

What good would the field be to him if they were going into exile?

For most, if not all at the time, this would have been a strange transaction, yet with this clear action of obedience to the Word of Elohim, we see a practical parable being displayed in action!

His actions certainly got the attention of the people, and, in a manner of speaking, he ‘put his money where his mouth was’!!!

יהוה spoke and He confirmed His Word through Ḥaname’ěl! .

We must remember that His Word is confirmed to us by His favour, or better put: His favour is confirmed to us by His Living Word!!!

The psalmist says the following in:

Tehillah/Psalm 119:58 “I have sought Your face with all my heart; show me favour according to Your word.

‘Favour according to Your Word’!

This in itself is something that so many fail to grasp as they want the favour/grace of our Master, yet are unwilling to obey His Word.

What we are able to see very clearly from Scripture, is that the favour/grace of Elohim is only extended/poured out on the basis of a Covenant relationship, which entails a relationship of obedience and it is through our obedience to His Word that we are able to see His favour/grace being lavishly poured out on our lives!.

In verse 8 Yirmeyahu says, ‘… And I knew that this was the Word of יהוה.

Once again, picture the scene:

This courageous prophet, who had been locked up, may have had some doubts about hearing from יהוה, especially as it wouldn’t have made any sense at all, to go buy a field in a land that was about to be taken away by foreigners.

By birthright Yirmeyahu was eligible to perform the duty of kinsman redeemer, and so, he does what he is asked by יהוה, having been assured and confident that this was indeed the Word of יהוה.

Yirmeyahu was strengthened by the Word of יהוה and proceeded with great confidence, even when it may have looked like a hopeless situation!

The actions here of Yirmeyahu, can speak many valuable lessons to us indeed, especially as we consider that we too must act in obedient faith to His Word, even in what may seem to be the most hopeless of situations! .

We must never let unfavourable circumstances deter us from doing what the Word so clearly instructs, and is confirmed, in/by the hearing of the Truth that brings faith/belief! .

The Hebrew word that is translated as the phraseand I knew’ is וָאֵדַע va’ea which comes from the root word יָדַע yaa – Strong’s H3045 which means, ‘to know, to acknowledge, clearly understand, to perceive, distinguish and discern’, and this verb can also render the ability to know by experience’.

To ‘knowיהוה implies the clear ability to ‘hear’ His voice and guard to do what He commands, for then He shall know His own!!!

Yoḥanan/John 10:27My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Despite Yisra’ĕl’s claim to ‘knowיהוה, they were clearly walking in rebellion to His commands, and יהוה made it clear that, despite their lip service, their actions had proven that they did not ‘know’ Him!.

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 1:3-4 “An ox knows its owner and a donkey its master’s crib – Yisra’ĕl does not know, My people have not understood.” 4 Alas, sinning nation, a people loaded with crookedness, a seed of evil-doers, sons acting corruptly! They have forsaken יהוה, they have provoked the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl, they went backward.

In this rebuke that was given to a rebellious and apostate people, it is made clear that even an ox ‘knows’ its owner and a donkey knows its master’s crib, yet Yisra’ĕl do not know יהוה.

Here, the word that is translated as ‘know’ also comes from the Hebrew root word יָדַע yaḏa – Strong’s H3045 and implies the ability to recognise, and respond to, the Master’s voice..

The Word of יהוה was confirmed to Yirmeyahu, by his uncle’s son coming to him, according to the Word of יהוה that came to him and he immediately knew that this was the Word of יהוה!

I think that this, in itself, is a valuable lesson for us today, as we take note of how so many people may claim to ‘know’ the Word of יהוה, yet their actions prove otherwise, as they continue in their compromised lawless lifestyle, showing that they actually do not know the Word of Elohim, nor are they able to recognise the Truth of the Word of Elohim, when someone comes to speak the Truth to them. .

Yirmeyahu knew the Word of יהוה and he could therefore recognise the validity of the Word, being able to clearly discern the Word!.

What we are also able to recognise here, is a classic shadow picture of our Kinsman Redeemer, יהושע Messiah, who came in the flesh, in order to become our legitimate Kinsman Redeemer, who legally has the right to redeem the field – that is the world!

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, through Him who is the likeness of the invisible Elohim, the first-born of all creation and legal Redeemer!.

Yirmeyahu bought the field for 17 sheqels of silver, signed the deed and sealed it!

This purchase of the field, as the right of redemption in the face of exile and destruction, teaches us the power of the great work of redemption that our Master came and brought to us, when He came in the flesh, in order to redeem us from the corruption and wickedness of sin, with the sure promise that our inheritance waits for us and has been sealed by His Blood! .

In verse 7 the Hebrew word that is translated as redemption is גְּאֻלָּה geullah – Strong’s H1353 and simply means, ‘redemption, right of redemption, redemption rights’ and is the passive participle of the primitive root word גָּאַל ga’al – Strong’s H1350 which means, ‘to redeem, act as kinsman, avenge, buy back, claim, redeemer, avenger of blood, rescue’.

This word is also used to refer to our Redeemer in the form גֹּאֲלִי ga’ali which means, ‘my Redeemer’ as in:

Iyoḇ/Job 19:25For I know that my Redeemer lives, and as the Last shall rise over the dust.

In Tehillah/Psalm 103 Dawiḏ reminds us not to forget the dealings of יהוה: as He has Redeemed our life from destruction! .


The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘signedcomes from the primitive root verb כָּתַב katha – Strong’s H3789 which means, to write, decree, inscribe, record, write down..

The Hebrew word that is translated here assealedcomes from the primitive root verb חָתַם atham – Strong’s H2856 which means, to seal, affix a seal, seal up, and it is from this root that we get the Hebrew noun for ‘seal’, which is the word חֹתָם ḥotham – Strong’s H2368 which means, a seal, signet ring. .

Why I am mentioning this, is so that we can be reminded that the names of the 12 tribes of Yisra’ĕl were to be engraved on the shoham stones of the High Priest’s garments, like the engraving of a signet, which is: חֹתָם ḥotham – Strong’s H2368! .

The Greek word that is used here in the LXX (Septuagint – Greek translation of the Tanak – O.T.) of this verse in Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 32:10 for ‘sealed’ is σφραγίζω sphragizō – Strong’s G4972 which means, to seal, put a seal on, set, and we gain a better understanding of what these actions of Yirmeyahu shadow picture for us, when recognising the work of redemption that our Master has done for us and the price that His blood has paid for us, in order for us to have the seal of our inheritance secured in Him!.

Here are a couple of verses where we can find this word σφραγίζω sphragizō – Strong’s G4972 being used, which helps us get a better picture, in terms of what we are reading about, here in Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 32:

Eph’siyim/Ephesians 1:13-14 “in whom you also, having heard the word of the truth, the Good News of your deliverance, in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Set-apart Spirit of promise, 14 who is the pledge of our inheritance, until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His esteem.

In Sha’ul’s introduction to the believers in Ephesos, he was making it clear that we not only have, through יהושע Messiah, redemption and forgiveness, but that we have also been sealed with the Set-Apart Spirit of promise, who is the pledge of our inheritance, until the redemption of the purchased possession is fulfilled at His second coming!!!

Eph’siyim/Ephesians 4:30 “And do not grieve the Set-apart Spirit of Elohim, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption..

Yirmeyahu, after having signed and sealed the deed of purchase for the field, went and gave it to Baruḵ son of Neriyyah, son of Maḥsĕyah, in the presence of his cousin and many witnesses, who too had signed the deed of purchase, before all the officials who sat in the court of the guard, where Yirmeyahu was being held prisoner!.

The name Baruḵ בָּרוּךְStrong’s H1263 means,blessed, and he was the son of נֵרִיָּה Neriyyah – Strong’s H5374 which means, lamp of Yah, who was the son of מַחְסֵיָה Maḥsĕyah – Strong’s H4271 which means, Yah is a refuge, Yah is a shelter..

These names carry a very powerful message for us too, as we consider how Baruḵ was a faithful scribe to Yirmeyahu, as we are able to see by their names the clear message being given to us as a powerful parable: .



We are clearly told in Scripture, that the Name of יהוה is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and are safe (Mishlĕ/Proverbs 18:10)..

In Ḥazon/Revelation we are told that the Lamb, which is יהושע Messiah, is the Lamp, and it is in Him that we are sealed and find our shelter and refuge in times of distress, having the full assurance that our redemption draws near!.

Yirmeyahu commanded Baruḵ, according to the Word of יהוה of Hosts, to take both deeds – that is: the sealed one and the open one – and put them in an earthen vessel, so that they remain many days!!!

Many days indeed! It would be at least another 71 years, as this took place 1 year before the exile would take place!.

In this clear instruction, we are once again given some very powerful pictures indeed!

With the two copies of the deed being placed in an earthen vessel, we are able to see a picture of the two tablets of stone that were placed in the Ark of the Covenant, which, in turn, clearly pictures for us the clear words of His Covenant being placed upon our hearts and sealed with His Spirit!

One being sealed and one open, also teaches us that while His word is sealed and is secured in the Master, it is not hidden from us, but it is on our hearts and in our mouths to do it, for He has revealed His Word to us through the life, death and resurrection of Messiah, our Kinsman Redeemer!.

We are the earthen vessels upon which He has set His seal and entrusted us with His Word, for many days!

Days that we are to endure and hold firm, our calling and inheritance in the Master!

Qorintiyim Bět/2 Corinthians 4:6-10For Elohim, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts for the enlightening of the knowledge of the esteem of Elohim in the face of יהושע Messiah. 7 And we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the excellence of the power might be of Elohim, and not of us – 8 being hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; being perplexed, but not in despair; 9 being persecuted, but not forsaken; being thrown down, but not destroyed; 10 always bearing about in the body the dying of the Master יהושע, that the life of יהושע might also be manifested in our body. .

This treasure is our title deed to our inheritance in His land – that is: the earth and everything in it, for it belongs to Him and He has redeemed it by His Blood!

And the assurance we have in Him, is that the meek shall inherit the earth – an inheritance that awaits the faithful set-apart ones who endure until the end! .

We are the very earthen vessels in which He has placed His Words, which must remain for many days and be preserved in righteousness, through a proper obedience to His commands!

Under the right conditions, documents can be kept in earthen vessels for a very long time, as the Dead Sea scrolls that were found are a testimony of this fact, teaching us that we too have this treasure of His promises in earthen vessels!.

What I found to be very interesting, is that the Greek word that is translated here, in Qorintiyim Bět/2 Corinthians 4:7, astreasure’ is θησαυρός thēsauros – Strong’s G2344 which means, treasure, storehouse, magazine, repository, and refers to, the place in which good and precious things are collected and laid up. .

The English word ‘thesaurus’, in general use, is a reference work that lists words that are grouped together, according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms).

The main purpose of such reference works is to help the user “to find the word, or words, by which [an] idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed”..

Can you see what treasure we have been given?

It is not just some random words, but rather, it is the very living Words of our Master that He has put in us, giving us all we need in helping us to find’ the proper words and actions that can be most fitly applied to every situation!

He has put His thesaurus in us, so to speak!!! .

His Word is so powerful that it enables us to rightly divide and discern the Truth, so that we can behave, and live, as true set-apart ones in complete righteousness, even whilst we are in exile and are faithfully enduring, looking for the blessed expectation and esteemed appearance of the great Elohim and our Saviour, יהושע Messiah!.

יהוה made it very clear to Yirmeyahu, that houses and fields would once again be bought in this land, and this was the sure sign that He was giving to them, through the obedient actions of this courageous prophet, who was imprisoned in the court guard and facing exile!

After having signed, sealed and delivered the documents to Baruḵ, Yirmeyahu prayed to יהוה, and began his prayer by focusing on the incomparable greatness and excellency of יהוה, declaring that nothing is too hard for יהוה!

He proclaims how great and mighty the works of יהוה of Hosts are, who by His great power and outstretched arm He made the heavens and earth and shows loving-commitment to thousands and repays the crookednesses of fathers into the bosoms of their children after them.

He praised Elohim for His might and power, for with a strong Hand and Outstretched Arm He brought Yisra’ĕl out of Mitsrayim and gave them the land promised to Aḇraham!

He then acknowledged the fact that Yisra’ĕl had sinned and did not obey the voice of Elohim nor walk in His Torah and did not do what was commanded.

This was the reason they were in the position they were in, with exile facing them in the face and the wrath of Elohim being ready to be poured out, through the sword, famine and plague, about which they had been warned!

Yet despite all of this that was happening and about to happen, Yirmeyahu confirms his faith in Elohim, by saying that he did what he was commanded and bought a field in the city that was being taken captive!.

יהוה then confirms the words of this powerful prayer of praise, to Yirmeyahu, by asking Him a clear rhetorical question:


In the Hebrew text, this phrase is written as follows:

הֲמִמֶּנִּי יִפָּלֵא כָּל־דָּבָר

hamimmenniy yippaleya kol-daḇar

This phrase could be expressed as:


We can put full assurance in the Word of יהוה, knowing that His Word is sufficient and there is nothing too hard or wondrous for His Word, for it is by His Word that we can do all things!.

The Hebrew word יִפָּלֵא yippaleya comes from the root word פָּלָא pala – Strong’s H6381 which means, to be surpassing or extraordinary, make marvellous, make special, wondrous work or deed, fulfil a special vow’, and it is written in the niphal passive tense, which can render the meaning of, to be beyond one’s power, be difficult to do, to be difficult to understand, to be wonderful, be extraordinary.

The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘matter’ is דָּבָר daḇarStrong’s H1697 which means, speech, word, matter, acts. .

The Word of יהוה is living and active and His Word does not return empty:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55:11 “so is My Word that goes forth from My mouth – it does not return to Me empty, but shall do what I please, and shall certainly accomplish what I sent it for.

Iyoḇ/Job 42:1-2 “And Iyoḇ̱ answered יהוה and said, 2 “You know that You are able to do all, and that no purpose is withheld from You..

In essence, we are seeing that this rhetorical question basically asks the following:

“Is it beyond the power and the extraordinary and wonderful Word of יהוה?”

We have the full assurance of our Master, that His Word is sufficient, and we must not waver in unbelief nor doubt the Word of יהוה. .

While the use of the word דָּבָר daḇarStrong’s H1697, which means, speech, word, matter, acts, is most certainly understood here as being ‘matter’ or ‘anything’ or even ‘act’, we recognise that the ‘actions’ of Elohim are based on His sure Word! .

What is being asked here, is whether or not that which He says He will do is impossible or too hard for Him to do, and the answer is most certainly ‘NO’! .

This is a sobering wake up call for all of us, especially in times where we consider that certain circumstances seem to crowd out the possibility of the extraordinary and wonderful work of Elohim to be made manifest.

What is being made very clear here, is that there is absolutely nothing that is too hard for יהוה!

He can do anything and we should never doubt, nor are we to every underestimate what He says He can and will do, through His Word!

Yirmeyahu, while certainly declaring this truth in his prayer (verse 17), would have certainly been strengthened and encouraged by these words of יהוה, for I am sure that he would have been reminded of the first time that we see יהוה saying these words, when He said them in:

Berěshith/Genesis 18:14Is any matter too hard for יהוה? At the appointed time I am going to return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah is to have a son.

These were the words that יהוה spoke to Aḇraham, after Sarah had laughed when hearing that she would have a child!

יהוה made it clear that she would have a child at the appointed time that was spoken by Him, and this too would have been an urgent reminder to Yirmeyahu, as he heard these same words that would give him the full assurance that the Word of יהוה never fails, as His loving-commitment endures forever!.

He then continues on and confirms to Yirmeyahu what was going to take place, yet promised that He would gather His people back to this land and put His fear in their hearts and that fields and houses would indeed be bought in this land again.

Therefore, the deed of purchase that Yirmeyahu signed, sealed and delivered, in order to be kept in an earthen vessel for many days, was a sure sign and proof of this clear promise!

These people had the prophetic word made certain, through the clear actions of Yirmeyahu and this called for an endurance of many days! .

We too have this full assurance of the prophetic words of our inheritance in our Master made certain and would do well to endure and keep shining the light of this Truth amidst a dark and depraved world!.

Kěpha made this clear to us, in his second letter:

Kěpha Bět/ 2 Peter 1:19-21And we have the prophetic word made more certain, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts, 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture came to be of one’s own interpretation, 21 for prophecy never came by the desire of man, but men of Elohim spoke, being moved by the Set-apart Spirit..

As we consider the event that took place here, in Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 32, we are able to grasp, more clearly, the full assurance that we have in our Great Kinsman Redeemer, who has put His treasure in our hearts and set His seal upon us, so that we can continue shining the light of this truth, knowing that no matter is too hard for our Mighty Master and Elohim, יהוה of Hosts!

Our Master and Elohim, Redeemer and King, יהושע Messiah has purchased the field and in His Blood our inheritance is secured!

How are you living?

Have you counted the cost and ‘sold all you have’ in order to ‘buy that field’?

Have you found the pearl of great price? That entrance into the reign, and have forsaken all to follow the One who has paid the price of the field?

Or, have the current circumstances that you have found yourself in, caused you to remain chained in bondage to the things of the flesh and you find that you have been unable to see or believe the truth that nothing is too hard for Elohim? .

I do hope that this short message stirs in you the belief/faith that Yirmeyahu displayed, by being a doer of the Word and not just a hearer only!

He was not just a proclaimer, but he properly showed his belief, in works of obedience to the Word, despite the impending exile and his captive state of being held prisoner by those who hated to hear the truth!.

Yirmeyahu could faithfully depend upon the Word of יהוה, even if he did not know or fully understand how it would be physically accomplished!

Yerushalayim was going to be burned because of the idolatry of יהוה’s called out one’s, yet Yirmeyahu could put full confidence in the Word of יהוה, and this we can learn a great deal from, as we have the Word made sure for us in the life, death and resurrection of our Master, giving us the sure promise and seal of our inheritance, in His Blood, by which we are grafted into His Covenants of Promise!.

The field has been purchased and our inheritance has been secured – how are you living?

Is your belief/faith clearly being seen in your daily actions of obedience or have you allowed an enslaved mind-set cause you to doubt the sure promises of Elohim, promises that are yes and aměn in Messiah?.

I trust and pray that by this very real and practical parable, as portrayed through the actions of Yirmeyahu, it will stir in you the clear confidence, hope and courage to endure many days, as you have this treasure of His Truth in your earthen vessel! .

You are the salt and light of the world.

The Lamp of Yah is in you and may you therefore not hide that lamp, but be as Giḏ’on’s men, who had a clay vessel with a light in it in the one hand and a shofar in the other, and at the command of Giḏ’on they broke their vessels and let the light shine, while blowing the shofar, and brought about a complete destruction of the enemy, by the Hand of Elohim, which you can read about in Shophetim/Judges 7! .

The pictures of the shofars, the jars and the torches can give us a great lesson of how we are to be overcomers in יהושע Messiah, as we read from Sha’ul’s words to Timotiyos/Timothy, in:

Timotiyos Bět/2 Timothy 2:19-22 However, the solid foundation of Elohim stands firm, having this seal, “יהוה knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the Name of Messiah turn away from unrighteous-ness.” 20 But in a large house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some unto value and some unto no value. 21 If, then, anyone cleanses himself from these matters, he shall be a vessel unto value, having been set apart, of good use to the Master, having been prepared for every good work. 22 And flee from the lusts of youth, but pursue righteousness, belief, love, peace with those calling on the Master out of a clean heart..

We who have cleansed ourselves from all unrighteousness shall be a vessel unto value, having been set-apart and of good use to our Master!

Our Master and Elohim, יהושע Messiah, came in the flesh and defeated sin, and He calls us to walk as He walked, and this will take the clear responsibility of a true remnant to break off the things of the flesh, and surrender totally into the hands of our King, becoming a vessel unto value that holds firm the true witness of Messiah and guards the commands of Elohim.

May we all learn from the committed and faithful actions of obedience displayed by Yirmeyahu! .

May we all be reminded, on a daily basis, that there is no matter too hard for יהוה! His arm is not too short to save! His Wondrous working of deliverance has been revealed by His outstretched arm, working a secure deliverance for us to be secure and sealed in, as long as we stay in Him.

As mentioned earlier, the root word which is used to ask the rhetorical question of whether any matter is to hard, extraordinary or wondrous for יהוה, is פָּלָא pala – Strong’s H6381 which means, to be surpassing or extraordinary, make marvellous, make special, wondrous work or deed, fulfil a special vow, and is a word which clearly speak of the wondrous works of our Wonderful Creator and Redeemer:

Shemoth/Exodus 3:20 “And I shall stretch out My hand and smite Mitsrayim with all My wonders which I shall do in its midst. And after that he shall let you go.

Shemoth/Exodus 34:10 “And He said, “See, I am making a covenant. Before all your people I am going to do wonders such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation. And all the people among whom you are shall see the work of יהוה. For what I am doing with you is awesome.

Diḇre haYamim Aleph/1Chronicles 16:9Sing to Him, sing praise to Him, Speak of all His wonders!

Diḇre haYamim Aleph/1 Chronicles 16:12Remember His wonders which He has done, His signs and the right-rulings of His mouth

Diḇre haYamim Aleph/1 Chronicles 16:24Declare His esteem among the nations, His wonders among all peoples..

We are to proclaim and declare His wonders, which we cannot do if we do not know who The Wonder is!!!

Tehillah/Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes, that I might see Wonders from Your Torah.

It is only by His Set-Apart Spirit, that opens our eyes, are we able to see Wonders from His Torah and see how the Torah clearly speaks of, and reveals, our Wonderful Redeemer and King – יהושע Messiah!.

The Outstretched Arm that nothing is too hard for!

Twice in this passage of Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 32:6-27, we Yirmeyahu giving praise to יהוה for His outstretched arm that worked great wonders and deliverance.

The Hebrew root word that is translated as outstretched, in verse 17 & 21, comes from the primitive root verb נָטָה natah – Strong’s H5186 which means, to stretch out, spread out, extend, incline, bend down, and is translated as ‘inclined’ in the following Psalm:

Tehillah/Psalm 40:1 “I waited, waited for יהוה; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry.

This psalm is a celebration of יהוה’s deliverance, as Dawiḏ declares how he had waited patiently for יהוה who had heard His cry for deliverance and stretched forth His Hand to draw him out of the muddy clay and pit of destruction.

Dawiḏ had cried out to יהוה and waited for Him patiently by observing the Truth and guarding to walk in the way of set-apartness, guarding righteousness in all, and here in this melody of the beloved he celebrates the clear truth that יהוה heard his cry and delivered him from the pit of destruction!.

He declares that יהוה responded to his cry for help as he waited patiently and endured much trials; and יהוה inclined and came to rescue his beloved servant.

Dawiḏ described very clearly how יהוה had drawn him out of the pit of destruction and took him out of the muddy clay and set his feet upon a rock and emphasises, in detail, how יהוה had inclined to him!.

What is interesting and worth taking note of, is that the Hebrew word for tribes comes from this root word נָטָה natah – Strong’s H5186, which is the word מַטָּה mattah – Strong’s H4294 which means, a staff, rod, branch, a tribe, a branch of a vine, and is used to refer to the ‘tribes’ of Yisra’ĕl, as well as being used in reference to Mosheh’s ‘rod’.

The Word of Elohim is for all the ‘tribes’ (branches) of Yisra’ĕl – all who have ‘spread out’, and when we see the meaning of these words, we can quickly be reminded of the words of our Master and Elohim in:

Yoḥanan/John 15: 5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who stays in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit. Because without Me you are able to do naught!.

It is by His Mighty outstretched arm that He delivers His beloved from destruction and causes us to be grafted in as branches that can bear the fruit of righteousness:

Melaḵim Bět/2 Kings 17:36but יהוה, who brought you up from the land of Mitsrayim with great power and with an outstretched arm, Him you shall fear, and to Him you shall bow yourselves, and to Him you shall slaughter..

The Arm of יהוה is a key concept and picture in Scripture, of His mighty strength and power that is manifested in the working of His deliverance for His people.

What was very interesting to me, in grasping the fuller understanding of The Arm of יהוה, is that I found that the Hebrew root word for ‘arm’, which is זְרוֹעַ zeroa – Strong’s H2220, which means, arm, shoulder, strength, power, is used 17 times in the Book of Yeshayahu; and of those 17 times, we see that in 13 different verses it is used 14 times, in direct reference to the Arm of יהוה.

Let us quickly run through them:


30:30 “And יהוה shall cause His excellent voice to be heard, and show the coming down of His arm, with raging wrath and the flame of a consuming fire, with scattering, downpour and hailstones.

33:2 “O יהוה, show us favour, for we have waited for You. Be their arm every morning, our deliverance also in time of distress.

40:10 “See, the Master יהוה comes with a strong hand, and His arm rules for Him. See, His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.

40:11 “He feeds His flock like a shepherd, He gathers the lambs with His arm, and carries them in His bosom, gently leading those who are with young.

48:14 “All of you, gather yourselves, and hear! Who among them has declared these? יהוה has loved him. Let him do His pleasure on Baḇel, and His arm be on the Chaldeans.

51:5 “My righteousness is near, My deliverance shall go forth, and My arms judge peoples. Coastlands wait upon Me, and for My arm they wait expectantly.

51:9 “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of יהוה! Awake as in days of old, everlasting generations. Was it not You who cut Rahaḇ apart, and pierced the Crocodile?

52:10 “יהוה shall lay bare His set-apart arm in the eyes of all the nations. And all the ends of the earth shall see the deliverance of our Elohim.

53:1 “Who has believed our report? And to whom was the arm of יהוה revealed?

59:16 “And He saw that there was no man, and was astonished that there was no intercessor. So His own arm saved for Him, and His righteousness upheld him.

62:8 “יהוה has sworn by His right hand and by the arm of His strength, “No more do I give your grain to be food for your enemies, nor do sons of the foreigner drink your new wine, for which you have laboured.

63:5 “And I looked, but there was none helping, and I was astonished that there was none upholding. So My own arm saved for Me, and My wrath upheld Me.

63:12 “who led them by the right hand of Mosheh, with His comely arm, dividing the water before them to make for Himself an everlasting Name..

In these verses, we are able to clearly see the pointing to יהושע Messiah, as being the revealed Set-Apart Arm of יהוה, who will judge the people, and gather the lambs, as our Good Shepherd, and that He is the King for whom we wait!

In Yeshayahu, whose name we know means ‘Salvation of יהוה or ‘יהוה is He who saves’, we find in 13 verses, the clear pointing to what his Arm brings about for us; and so it is fitting to see in the book of Yeshayahu that declares, by name, that salvation is of יהוה, that the salvation and deliverance of יהוה has revealed His Arm, by the life, death and resurrection of יהושע Messiah and when He comes again – His Arm (יהושע Messiah) will be laid bare in the eyes of all the nations and the ends of the earth shall see His deliverance!.

Yirmeyahu had declared that no matter was too hard for יהוה, in verse 17, and then after having declared his praise for יהוה, we see in verse 26 that יהוה asks Yirmeyahu the rhetorical question of whether any matter was too hard for יהוה, thus confirming to Yirmeyahu that which he had declared in praise and having obeyed the Word of יהוה, the Word of יהוה was made secure in the heart and mind of this obedient prophet..

I have quoted a few verses from Yeshayahu/Isaiah that highlight the wondrous working of the Arm of יהוה, in order to stir up a confident belief in the Word of יהוה, so that we can be reminded to stand firm in our belief and expectation in our Wondrous Saviour and Elohim, as we guard His treasure in complete obedience to His Word!.

While the overall message of Yirmeyahu contained a wonderful message of hope, things would not look so great in the short term, yet the prophetic promise would be sufficient to keep them safe, if they guarded the Word of Elohim.

There was still much pressure and hardship that he would face and have to endure, yet what would have certainly been a strengthening assurance to him, was the sure Word of יהוה, and the promise of His Word made certain, through the clear promise of this sealed deed of purchase, that was to be kept in an earthen vessel many days!

While we too will face many pressures and persecutions, as we eagerly wait for our Master’s return, let us hold fast the wonderful seal of our inheritance, as we guard His treasure that is in us, with great joy and with an expectation that will not fail!.

I began this message with the two parables that Messiah gave, regarding the reign of the heavens being likened to treasure hidden in a field and a merchant seeking pearls and He highlights the action of finding that which was being sought out and buying it, as pictured in the buying of the field and the buying of the pearl of great price, which we have discussed as being a parable reference to the inheritance and entrance that our Master has bought for us, with the responsibility that we have to ‘buy’, through our proper obedience and seeking of His Kingdom and righteousness..

The Greek word that is translated as ‘buys’ and ‘bought’ in Mattithyahu/Matthew 13:44 & 46 comes from the root word ἀγοράζω agorazō – Strong’s G59 which means, to buy in the marketplace, purchase, bought, spend, redeem’.

While we can certainly see that this root word has the clear understanding of buying or purchasing something that is being sold, we take note that this word is translated as ‘bought’ in:

Qorintiyim Aleph/1 Corinthians 6:20 “For you were bought with a price, therefore esteem Elohim in your body and in your spirit, which are of Elohim.

I quoted this verse earlier in this message, when highlighting the root word that is translated as ‘price’, and now I am highlighting the use of the root word that reminds us that we have been ‘bought’ with a price – a price that we could not pay, yet comes with the responsibility of esteeming Elohim with our all, and in essence, doing our utmost in working out our deliverance and redemption, as legitimate children of the Most-High..

In the message to the assembly in Laodikeia, who were lukewarm and thought that they were fine, our Master says the following:

Ḥazon/Revelation 3:18I advise you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, so that you become rich; and white garments, so that you become dressed, so that the shame of your nakedness might not be shown; and anoint your eyes with ointment, so that you see.

In a clear rebuke for an assembly of people who thought that they had it all together, they were exposed as being poor, blind and naked and were called upon to buy from the Master that which would cover them and cause them to see.

This is a lesson on making sure that a proper priority of seeking the Master is being done.

So many people today are ‘spending’ all they have, be it time and money, on things that are worthless and will not secure an entrance into the reign of the Master..

This root word ἀγοράζω agorazō – Strong’s G59 is also used to refer to the ‘redemption price’ our Master has paid for us in His blood, in:

Ḥazon/Revelation 5:9And they sang a renewed song, saying, “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals, because You were slain, and have redeemed us to Elohim by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.

This word ἀγοράζω agorazō – Strong’s G59 is also used in referring to the redeemed:

Ḥazon/Revelation 14:3-4And they sang a renewed song before the throne, and before the four living creatures, and the elders. And no one was able to learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. They are those who were not defiled with women, for they are maidens. They are those following the Lamb wherever He leads them on. They were redeemed from among men, being first-fruits to Elohim and to the Lamb.  .

This Greek word ἀγοράζω agorazō – Strong’s G59 is used in the LXX (Septuagint), in the following invitation:

Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55:1 “Oh everyone who thirsts, come to the waters. And you who have no silver, come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without silver and without price.

The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘buy’ is שָׁבַר shaar – Strong’s H7666 which means, to buy (grain), bought, sold, sell’.

With this clear invitation, given in Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55, we see the clear call to be a people who continually drink and never thirst again!

The invitation for all who thirst, is an invitation to come to our Master, for with Him is the fountain of Living Waters and when we taste of the Living Waters, we have the promise of not thirsting again. It does not mean that we will never drink again, but rather, that when you have truly found the Living Waters, then you have found the source of your nourishment and sustenance, never to be without the source of life again, as long as you continue to drink of the pure Living Waters of the Word of Elohim..

What is worth taking note of here, in this first verse of Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55, is that the call to ‘come’ is given 3 times!

Now, why do I find that interesting?

Well, as I have already said, the drinking of the Living Water is a continual process, once found, and we therefore recognise the language that is given here, in pointing us to the clear pattern given in the Word to us, and how we are to guard to keep the Appointed times of יהוה, as commanded set-apart gatherings unto Him, as He commands!

The usage of the word ‘come’, three times, helps us consider how it is commanded that all men were to come up to Yerushalayim 3 times a year, which would incorporate all 7 of the Feasts of יהוה, and by implication, guard and keep the weekly Sabbath too, which is set forth as a clear standard of how the Feasts are to be set-apart!.

In other words, this call to ‘come’, is a call to obedience!

This is a call to come to the True Living Waters, and with the call to come and buy without price we take note that this is a clear responsibility for true believers who have counted the cost of following the Master and diligently guard to do all He commands!

A proper guarding of His Sabbaths and Feasts can be faithfully observed and celebrated because of the perfect sacrifice of our Master and Elohim, we are able to enter in by His Blood and drink of the Living Waters and be filled with His Spirit and thirst no more as we learn to be content in all circumstances!.

The Aramaic text renders this call for the thirsty to come as,those who want to learn” must come!

This is also a clear message that the Truth cannot and must not be commercialised! It is freely available to all!!!

This is a call to obedience and more specifically a ‘walk of obedience’, in other words this is a call to hear, guard and do the Word, for then you will never thirst!.

This clear prophetic call, given in Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55, was a call to repentance and a call to return to the True Living Waters!

When Aḏam sinned, he was ‘cut off’ from having access to the tree of life and as a result of sin it is appointed for all to die once!

Our access back to the tree of life, and being refreshed in the Living Waters, is only made possible by the life, death and resurrection of our Master, Saviour, Redeemer and Elohim, יהושע Messiah.

No amount of money can buy this for us, and with our Master, who humbled Himself and took on the form of a Servant, in order to redeem sinful man back to Himself, we acknowledge the full price He has paid for our sins, when we repent and are immersed in Him!

As we hear the call of יהוה, telling us to Come to the waters and to Come and buy without price, and to Come and eat what is good and delight ourselves in fatness, may we constantly be obedient, in hearing attentively as we should and walk upright as we should, as we guard His Sabbaths and Feasts, calling them a delight and finding complete nourishment and rest for our souls.

Without cost, because He has settled our debt, aměn!

Drinking from Him, in belief/faith, must then be lived out by belief/faith – and that is done by doing His every Word, walking in Him – walking in the Torah, keeping His Appointed Feasts and being refreshed in His Word.

When we drink of Him, He promises that rivers of Living waters will flow out from our innermost parts!.

The call to come and buy without price is an invitation for redemption and we are to count the cost, in an earnest seeking of our Master’s Kingdom and His Righteousness, for He had bought us and paid the price, for us to ‘buy’ without cost..

With our proper response to come and buy without price, we take on the responsibility of being a trustworthy steward and servant of righteousness, by guarding to do all our Master’s commands and being bold in our proclamation of His coming reign!

This is a call for endurance, as we are called to work out our deliverance with fear and trembling, with the full assurance of our deliverance being made complete when our Master comes, for the deed of purchase for our beings has been secured in the blood of our Master and sealed by His Spirit in us, as the pledge of our inheritance!

Therefore, we are able to celebrate the promise of our expectation being firmly secured through the life, death and resurrection of our Master, which now calls for us to confirm that calling, through a diligent seeking of His righteousness, counting the cost and guarding His Word as we do all He has commanded us to, even while most on the world refuse to do so!.

Let us hold firm our calling in Messiah, as we put on His armour of light, walking in His Torah that lights our path, for the Word of יהוה has been confirmed to us the following:.


He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies..

יהוה bless you and guard you; יהוה make His face shine upon you and show favour to you; יהוה lift up His face upon you and give you Shalom!.